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Sputnik V provides ‘strong’ defense against omicron COVID-19 variant: Developer

Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine provides a strong defense against serious symptoms and hospitalizations caused by the omicron coronavirus variant, the RDIF sovereign wealth fund said on Friday, citing a preliminary study by the vaccine developer.

When used as a booster shot, Russia’s single-dose Sputnik Light helps develop a stronger antibody response against the omicron variant, the study by the Gamaleya Institute developer was cited as saying.

The preliminary data from Gamaleya showed that the efficacy of Sputnik V with the Sputnik Light booster against Omicron could be more than 80 percent.

RDIF said the preliminary lab study by Gamaleya demonstrated that Sputnik V demonstrates “high virus neutralizing activity” (VNA) against Omicron.

Russia’s health ministry has recommended booster Sputnik Light shots six months after receiving Sputnik V.

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