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Mona Lisa attacked with cake by man dressed as old woman

Watch: Man disguised as old woman attacks Mona Lisa with cake

A man disguised as an elderly woman in a wheelchair smeared cake across a piece of glass that protects the Mona Lisa at Paris’ famous Louvre museum, and was sent for a psychiatric evaluation, authorities said.

The incident happened on Sunday when the man, who wore a black wig and lipstick, abruptly smeared the glass with a piece of cake.

One witness said in a tweet that the man “jumped out of a wheelchair and attempted to smash the bulletproof glass of the Mona Lisa” before he smeared the cake on it.

Another said he also threw roses before he was “tackled by security.”

Some said the stunt appeared to be a climate change protest, and the 36-year-old man shouted in French to “think about the Earth.”

The man was arrested and sent for psychiatric evaluation.

Painted by Leonardo Da Vinci, the Mona Lisa is believed to have been created between 1503 and 1506 and is considered by many to be the world’s most famous and most-visited work of art.

Bulletproof glass was placed over the painting after two attacks in 1956 when it was splashed with acid and chipped with a rock.

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