Tag: Verizon

staffApril 27, 2017

Verizon invests in self-driving vehicle startup Renovo Auto

Telecom giant Verizon invested in the autonomous vehicle startup Renovo Auto, a company founded in 2010 and best known for ...

staffMarch 23, 2017

AT&T, Verizon join Google ad boycott

AT&T and Verizon on Wednesday joined global firms pulling ads from Google, saying they did not want their brands associated ...

staffMarch 13, 2017

Yahoo CEO Mayer to receive $23M severance, won’t stay with Altaba

Yahoo CEO Marissa will receive a severance package of about $23 million and she won’t stay with Altaba after the ...

staffJanuary 24, 2017

Trump names net neutrality opponent Pai as FCC chairman

President Donald Trump has named Ajit Pai, a supporter of deregulation and opponent of net neutrality, as the next chairman ...

staffDecember 10, 2016

Samsung Note 7 to be ‘killed’ by software update

Samsung Note 7s that have not already been returned will be killed off by a software update released later this ...