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staffMay 9, 2018

London ranked top city for students

London has been ranked as the best city in the world for university students. The top 30 rankings for student ...

staffMay 7, 2018

Tutankhamun ‘secret chamber’ does not exist, researchers find

Egyptian authorities have finished their quest to discover a secret chamber in the tomb of Tutankhamun – concluding that it ...

staffApril 21, 2018

The 6 Strangest Restaurants On Earth

From weird locations to odd themes and bizarre ingredients, these six restaurants from around the world make for one-of-a-kind dining ...

staffApril 21, 2018

Rare brown bear dies in Italy capture operation

A national park in central Italy is investigating the death of a rare brown bear during an operation to capture ...

staffApril 12, 2018

Thunderstorm destroys Taj Mahal minarets

A storm has damaged two minarets located at different entry gates of the iconic Taj Mahal in the northern Indian ...

staffMarch 24, 2018

First non-stop flight en route from Australia to the UK

The first non-stop flight between Australia and the UK has left Perth and is due to land in London on ...

staffMarch 14, 2018

Dog dies in overhead locker on United Airlines plane

United Airlines has accepted “full responsibility” for a dog’s in-flight death after a flight attendant put the pet in the ...

staffFebruary 1, 2018

United Arab Emirates opens world’s longest zip line

The United Arab Emirates claimed a record Thursday with the opening of the world’s longest zip line, measuring 2.83 kilometers ...

staffSeptember 21, 2017

The world’s first sand hostel

Australia’s Gold Coast is getting a brand new hostel, and it’s made entirely of sand. Located on Kurrawa Beach, in ...

staffSeptember 19, 2017

How flying seriously messes with your mind

Travelling by plane has become an everyday activity – but our bodies and brains are still affected by it. With ...