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staffMay 21, 2018

Philippines takes ‘diplomatic action’ over Chinese bombers in disputed S. China Sea

The Philippines expressed “serious concerns” over the presence of Chinese strategic bombers in the disputed South China Sea, a spokesman ...

staffMarch 16, 2018

Philippines tells UN it will quit International Criminal Court

MANILA – The Philippines has given official notice to the United Nations that it will exit the treaty underpinning the ...

staffFebruary 28, 2018

Philippines’ Duterte says he’s tired, old, wants to cede power early

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte Wednesday sought to dispel concerns he will cling to power and become a dictator, saying he ...

staffFebruary 24, 2018

Thousands protest deadly drug war in the Philippines

Demonstrators have taken to the streets of Manila to protest Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s drug war, which has left thousands ...

staffFebruary 21, 2018

Philippines to court: Declare communist groups as terrorists

Justice officials have asked a court to formally designate the Communist Party of the Philippines and its armed wing, the ...

staffFebruary 15, 2018

Duterte offers kill bounty for rebels to save on war costs

The Philippine president offered a nearly $500 bounty for each communist rebel killed by government forces to save on anti-insurgency ...

staffSeptember 21, 2017

Philippines commemorates 1972 martial law

ZAMBOANGA CITY, Philippines – Security forces are on alert for rallies Thursday, around the country to commemorate the 45th anniversary ...

staffAugust 24, 2017

Australian spy chief criticised for Duterte fist photo

The boss of Australia’s foreign intelligence agency has been criticised for clenching his fist in a photo with Philippines President ...

staffJuly 22, 2017

Martial law extended in the Philippines

Legislators in the Philippines have voted overwhelmingly to extend martial law to deal with an Islamist insurgency in the restive ...

staffJuly 4, 2017

Philippines Supreme Court upholds Duterte’s martial law

The Philippines Supreme Court has overwhelmingly upheld the enforcement of martial law in the southern region of Mindanao, which President Rodrigo Duterte said was ...