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staffMay 8, 2018

Hezbollah, Amal and allies claim Lebanon election sweep

Hezbollah and its political allies are the biggest winners in Lebanon’s first general election in nine years, an analysis of ...

staffMay 7, 2018

Lebanon awaits election results, turnout at 49 percent

Lebanon is awaiting official results of the country’s first parliamentary elections in almost a decade, a poll that saw a ...

staffApril 24, 2018

Hezbollah member killed in unidentified blast

BEIRUT – A blast that went off Tuesday in Sidon’s Haret Saida left a Hezbollah member dead, but the source ...

staffApril 23, 2018

Israel targets Syrian artillery after incoming mortar fire

JERUSALEM – Israel fired at a Syrian artillery position Monday after a mortar round fell close to the Israeli-occupied sector ...

staffApril 16, 2018

Syria chemical attack: Investigators allowed to visit site

Chemical weapons inspectors in Syria will be permitted to visit the site of an alleged chemical attack on Wednesday, Russia ...

staffFebruary 11, 2018

Lebanese man crosses into Israel, arrested

A Lebanese man attempted to cross the technical fence into Israel Sunday in the southern district of Marjayoun, the Hezbollah-run ...

staffFebruary 7, 2018

Hezbollah must leave Syria: French FM

French foreign minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said on Wednesday that all Iranian militia, including Hezbollah, must leave Syria, whose civil ...

staffDecember 2, 2017

Israel targets Syrian military base – Syrian state TV

Israel launched surface-to-surface missiles at a military installation outside the Syrian capital Damascus overnight, Syrian state TV reports. The attack ...

staffNovember 10, 2017

Saudis ‘declared war on Lebanon’ – Hezbollah leader

The leader of Hezbollah has accused Saudi Arabia of declaring war on his country, days after Lebanese PM Saad al-Hariri ...

staffNovember 6, 2017

Hezbollah – PM Hariri forced by Saudis to resign

The leader of Shia group Hezbollah has said that Saudi Arabia forced the Lebanese prime minister to resign. Saad al-Hariri ...