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staff3 months

Afghan forces lose ground as peace efforts continue

The security forces continue to lose grip over parts of Afghanistan and the Taliban are steadily holding their own, despite an ...

staff4 months

Taliban dismisses Afghanistan’s peace talk offer

The Taliban has rejected Kabul’s offer of talks next month in Saudi Arabia where the armed group, fighting to restore ...

staff10 months

Taliban kill 30 Afghan soldiers

KABUL – Taliban militants killed 30 Afghan soldiers and captured a military base in the western province of Badghis Wednesday, ...

staff11 months

Afghanistan calls temporary Eid ceasefire with Taliban

The Afghan government has announced a temporary ceasefire with the Taliban but says fighting with other militants will continue. President ...

staff1 year

11 killed, 25 wounded in Kabul suicide attack

A suicide attacker blew himself up near a crowd of police and protesters in Kabul Thursday, killing at least 11 ...

staff2 years

Afghan officials resign after Taliban attack

Afghanistan’s army chief and defence minister have resigned following a Taliban attack on an army base over the weekend that ...