Category: South America

staffJune 18, 2018

Columbia president-elect promises unity

Iván Duque, the conservative political newcomer who was elected as Colombia’s president on Sunday, says he wants to unite the ...

staffMay 29, 2018

EU prepares to hit Venezuela with new sanctions

The European Union (EU) is calling for “fresh presidential elections” in Venezuela as it prepares to impose more targeted sanctions ...

staffApril 8, 2018

Former Brazilian president Lula da Silva surrenders to police

Brazil’s former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva is starting a 12-year sentence for corruption after surrendering to police. It ...

staffDecember 21, 2016

Bolivia: LaMia plane crashed due to pilot, airline’s error

Bolivian Minister of Public Works Milton Claros said the government concluded human error committed by the pilot and LaMia Airlines ...