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staffAugust 6, 2017

Search suspended for 3 U.S. Marines missing off Australia

The U.S. Marine Corps on Sunday said it suspended the search and rescue operation for the three U.S. Marines who ...

staffAugust 4, 2017

Australia terror probe: Plane suspects ‘made two plots’

Two men accused of a terror plot to put a bomb on a plane were also trying to build a ...

staffAugust 3, 2017

Racist messages cause anger at Australian universities

Racist graffiti targeting Chinese students has prompted anger after it was found at two locations in an Australian university. The ...

staffAugust 2, 2017

Same-sex marriage: ‘Profound shift’ in Australian views

Australians have considerably increased their support for same-sex marriage in the last decade, a report has found. The wide-ranging survey ...

staffJuly 30, 2017

Australia police ‘foil terror plot to bring down plane’

Counter-terrorism police in Australia have stopped a suspected plot to bring down an aeroplane, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has said. ...

staffJuly 26, 2017

Australian indigenous singer Dr G Yunupingu dies

One of Australia’s leading Aboriginal musicians, Dr G Yunupingu, has died at the age of 46. The singer, born blind ...

staffJuly 26, 2017

Synthetic cannabis linked to eighth New Zealand death

A string of recent deaths in New Zealand is being attributed to the rise of so-called synthetic cannabis. A man ...

staffJuly 25, 2017

Cardinal Pell will plead not guilty, his lawyer confirms

Cardinal George Pell will plead not guilty to all accusations of sexual assault against him, his lawyer has told a ...

staffJuly 21, 2017

Student likely to become Australia’s youngest senator

A university student is likely to become Australia’s youngest-ever senator after the resignation of a politician he calls his “mentor”. ...

staffJuly 20, 2017

Find “rewrites” Australian human history

Archaeologists have found the first evidence to suggest that Aboriginal people have been in Australia for at least 65,000 years. ...