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staffJune 23, 2018

Drinking her dog’s urine has helped cure her acne!!

  The pharmaceutical companies are keeping this secret out of the public eye. They pay lobbyist to get politicians to ...

staffJune 11, 2018

Gold found in abandoned French house

QUIMPER, France – A demolition team called in to tear down an abandoned house in western France this week struck ...

staffJune 8, 2018

Kim Jong Un impersonator detained for hours in Singapore

SINGAPORE – An Australian comedian known for impersonating North Korean leader Kim Jong Un said he was detained by Singapore’s ...

staffJune 7, 2018

Texas man bitten by severed snake head

A Texan required 26 doses of anti-venom after he was bitten by the severed head of a rattlesnake he had ...

staffJune 5, 2018

Crocodile kills Ethiopian pastor during baptism

A crocodile has killed a Protestant pastor who was baptising followers near a lake in southern Ethiopia. Docho Eshete was ...

staffJune 1, 2018

Lions, tigers, jaguar break out of German zoo

BERLIN – Five dangerous predators, including two lions, two tigers and a jaguar escaped from a zoo in western Germany ...

staffMay 29, 2018

World’s largest freshwater pearl put up for Dutch auction

The world’s largest known freshwater pearl, known as ‘The Sleeping Lion’, is up for sale. The 300-year-old natural wonder has ...

staffMay 27, 2018

‘Alien-like’ creature washes up on Welsh beach and baffles everyone

Some type of creature has washed up on Rhossili Beach, in Gower, Wales, and it’s freaking people out. Beth Jannetta, ...

staffMay 14, 2018

DJ shocked after ultrasound showed his baby ‘wearing tiny headphones’

When Emma and Richard Wilkins went for their 11-week ultrasound scan, Leah May was already following in her dad’s footsteps ...

staffMay 12, 2018

Picture of puppy looks like a p***s Facebook had to ban it

There’s definitely something about this little puppy that looks oddly familiar. Well, if you haven’t worked it out already, we ...