Category: Tech

staffJuly 2, 2018

OnePlus 6 Red release announced

OnePlus has announced a new color variant of the OnePlus 6: red. The OnePlus 6 Red has a shimmery, glossy ...

staffJune 14, 2018

Apple to close iPhone security loophole used by police

Apple says it is to change the default settings of its iPhone to stop hackers and others unlocking devices without ...

staffJune 8, 2018

Facebook privacy bug ‘affects 14 million users’

A software bug meant millions of Facebook users may have unknowingly posted private information to the public, the company has ...

staffJune 6, 2018

Amazon and eBay pull CloudPets smart toys from sale

Amazon and eBay are among retailers pulling a brand of cuddly smart toys from sale after warnings they pose a ...

staffJune 2, 2018

Google to end Pentagon AI project

Google will not renew a contract to do artificial intelligence work for the US Pentagon, company sources say. The decision ...

staffMay 30, 2018

Papua New Guinea to ban Facebook for a month

Papua New Guinea will ban Facebook for a month while the government identifies fake accounts and attempts to block fake ...

staffMay 29, 2018

Youtube deletes violent music videos

YouTube says it has deleted more than half of the “violent” music videos that the country’s most senior police officer ...

staffMay 12, 2018

Brain-Computer Interface Helps Tetraplegics

Brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) are seen as a potential means by which severely physically impaired individuals can regain control of their ...

staffMay 1, 2018

3-D print electronics and cells printed directly on skin

In a groundbreaking new study, researchers at the University of Minnesota used a customized, low-cost 3D printer to print electronics ...

staffMay 1, 2018

Zuckerberg faces angry Facebook developers

It is shaping up to be the biggest Facebook event ever, with 5,000 developers flying in from around the world. ...