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staffNovember 3, 2018

Facebook sorry for “White Supermacist” ad

Facebook has apologized after it approved an ad campaign targeted at people interested in a conspiracy theory favored by white ...

staffNovember 1, 2018

FlexPai the first foldable Smartphone

California-based start-up Royole has beaten major players Huawei and Samsung in launching what it claims is the world’s first foldable ...

staffOctober 20, 2018

Could China really launch a fake moon?

A Chinese company has announced ambitious plans to put a “fake moon” into space to brighten the night sky. According ...

staffSeptember 20, 2018

Turkey fines Google over competition infringements

Turkey’s Competition Authority has fined U.S. tech giant Google around $15 million for violating competition rules in sales of mobile ...

staffSeptember 5, 2018

Facebook, Twitter ‘too slow’ to tackle meddling

Facebook and Twitter have said that they took too long to tackle foreign campaigns to meddle in US elections. Responding ...

staffSeptember 3, 2018

Facebook definition of ‘terrorism’ helps states mute dissent: UN expert

Facebook needs to narrow its “sweeping” definition of terrorism to stop governments arbitrarily blocking legitimate opposition groups and dissenting voices, ...

staffAugust 28, 2018

Trump blasts left-wing Google search

President Donald Trump has accused Google of rigging the search results for the phrase “Trump news”. In a tweet, he ...

staffAugust 23, 2018

Huawei 5G bid banned over security

Chinese smartphone maker Huawei says the Australian government has banned it from providing 5G technology for the country’s wireless networks. ...

staffAugust 11, 2018

Clothes That ‘Chat’ Optically With Other Devices

The latest development in textiles and fibers is a kind of soft hardware that you can wear: cloth that has ...

staffAugust 8, 2018

Twitter won’t ban InfoWars’ Alex Jones

The CEO of Twitter says it will not ban InfoWars or its founder Alex Jones because their accounts do not ...