Category: Tech

staffOctober 10, 2018

Leak chips away at Google’s secrecy on China

Last month, at Google’s 20th anniversary event, the company’s head of search quickly shut down my question about the firm’s ...

staffSeptember 28, 2018

Up to 50m Facebook accounts attacked

Facebook has said “almost 50 million” of its users were left exposed by a security flaw. The company said attackers ...

staffSeptember 26, 2018

Original working Apple fetches $375.000

An Apple-I computer, the first product made by the computing giant, has sold at auction for $375,000. The machine was ...

staffSeptember 20, 2018

Turkey fines Google over competition infringements

Turkey’s Competition Authority has fined U.S. tech giant Google around $15 million for violating competition rules in sales of mobile ...

staffSeptember 20, 2018

Transparent Speakers Let Your Skin Play Music

An international team of researchers, affiliated with UNIST has presented an innovative wearable technology that will turn your skin into ...

staffSeptember 17, 2018

New Mexico sues Google, Twitter for illegally collecting data on children

New Mexico has filed a lawsuit against Google, Twitter and several app developers for illegally collecting data from children under ...

staffSeptember 12, 2018

Apple expected to unveil bigger, pricier iPhone on Wednesday

Apple is expected to unveil its biggest and most expensive iPhone on Wednesday as part of a lineup of three ...

staffSeptember 5, 2018

Facebook, Twitter ‘too slow’ to tackle meddling

Facebook and Twitter have said that they took too long to tackle foreign campaigns to meddle in US elections. Responding ...

staffSeptember 3, 2018

Facebook definition of ‘terrorism’ helps states mute dissent: UN expert

Facebook needs to narrow its “sweeping” definition of terrorism to stop governments arbitrarily blocking legitimate opposition groups and dissenting voices, ...

staffAugust 28, 2018

Trump blasts left-wing Google search

President Donald Trump has accused Google of rigging the search results for the phrase “Trump news”. In a tweet, he ...