Category: Science

staffJune 1, 2017

Last-minute plea to Trump on climate deal

The US has been urged to remain committed to the 2015 Paris climate agreement ahead of an announcement by President ...

staffMay 16, 2017

Indian teen builds world’s ‘lightest satellite’

An Indian teenager has built what is thought could be the world’s lightest satellite, which will be put into orbit ...

staffMay 14, 2017

World’s best-preserved armored dinosaur fossil on display in Canada

The world’s best preserved dinosaur fossil went on display in Canada six years after it was accidentally found by a ...

staffMay 9, 2017

South African cave yields more evidence of newest human relative

South Africa’s Rising Star cave has yielded additional fossil evidence of the newest human relative, Homo naledi. The early hominin ...

staffMay 5, 2017

From Hubble’s vantage, space is a crowded place

To the naked eye, space can sometimes seem like a lonely place. But as rendered by the Hubble Space Telescope, ...

staffMay 1, 2017

SpaceX postpones launch of spy satellite one day

SpaceX’s launch of a spy satellite aboard a Falcon 9 was postponed less than a minute before liftoff Sunday in ...

staffApril 29, 2017

Beautiful Bering Strait image captured by Copernicus Sentinel-3A satellite

NASA’s Copernicus Sentinel-3A satellite snapped a stunning photo of the Bering Strait during a recent trip across the narrow strip ...

staffApril 27, 2017

See the first images from Cassini’s dive between Saturn and its rings

Cassini is back in contact with Earth, having executed its first dive through a 1,500-mile-wide gap separating Saturn and its ...

staffApril 27, 2017

Ancient tablet unearthed at historic Roman excavation site in Israel

Archaeologists made a significant find at an ancient Roman temple site in north central Israel recently — a mother-of-pearl tablet ...

staffApril 26, 2017

Nasa waits on Cassini radio contact from Saturn

Controllers and scientists must wait until Thursday to hear from Cassini. The probe was due early on Wednesday to make ...