Category: Science

staffJune 24, 2017

Study suggests solar eruptions hit planet Earth like a sneeze

New analysis of plasma clouds ejected by the sun suggest solar eruptions behave like a sneeze. Until now, astronomers looked ...

staffJune 23, 2017

Kuiper Belt tilt suggests a mysterious planetary mass lurks in the outer solar system

Astronomers have yet to confirm the existence of a ninth planet lurking beyond Pluto. But new analysis of the Kuiper ...

staffJune 17, 2017

NASA scientists name Martian crater after Apollo 16 moonwalk mission

Earlier this spring, NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover, also known as the Opportunity rover, discovered a small Martian crater. The discovery ...

staffJune 16, 2017

Lucid Dreaming and Self-Realization

A lucid dream is a dream during which the dreamer is aware of dreaming. During lucid dreaming, the dreamer may ...

staffJune 16, 2017

Infrared image reveals star factory inside Orion Nebula

NASA’s Wide-field Infrared Survey Explore telescope has offered astronomers a detailed view of the star factory inside the Orion Nebula, ...

staffJune 14, 2017

Regular planarian flatworms developed two heads in Space

A team of researchers led by scientists at Tufts University sent a group of regular planarian flatworms into space, sealed ...

staffJune 8, 2017

‘First of our kind’ found in Morocco

The idea that modern people evolved in a single “cradle of humanity” in East Africa some 200,000 years ago is ...

staffJune 1, 2017

Last-minute plea to Trump on climate deal

The US has been urged to remain committed to the 2015 Paris climate agreement ahead of an announcement by President ...

staffMay 16, 2017

Indian teen builds world’s ‘lightest satellite’

An Indian teenager has built what is thought could be the world’s lightest satellite, which will be put into orbit ...

staffMay 14, 2017

World’s best-preserved armored dinosaur fossil on display in Canada

The world’s best preserved dinosaur fossil went on display in Canada six years after it was accidentally found by a ...