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staffSeptember 20, 2018

‘Robotic Skins’ Turn Everyday Objects Into Robots

When you think of robotics, you likely think of something rigid, heavy, and built for a specific purpose. New “Robotic ...

staffSeptember 17, 2018

Eyes Have a Natural Version of Night Vision

To see under starlight and moonlight, the retina of the eye changes both the software and hardware of its light-sensing ...

staffSeptember 15, 2018

NASA counts down to launch of laser study of ice sheets

NASA counted down Saturday to the launch of its $1 billion ICESat-2 mission, using advanced lasers to uncover the true ...

staffSeptember 12, 2018

Three New Fish Species from Depths of Pacific

An exploration to one of the deepest places on earth has captured rare footage of what is believed to be ...

staffSeptember 10, 2018

New El Niño weather event likely this winter says WMO

There’s a 70% chance of a recurrence of the El Niño weather event before the end of this year, according ...

staffSeptember 9, 2018

Turning Open Wounds Into Skin

Plastic surgery to treat large cutaneous ulcers, including those seen in people with severe burns, bedsores or chronic diseases such ...

staffSeptember 4, 2018

Liquid Water Hidden Under Mars’ South Pole

Radar data collected by ESA’s Mars Express point to a pond of liquid water buried under layers of ice and ...

staffSeptember 3, 2018

UAE names 2 astronauts to go to International Space Station

The ruler of Dubai announced Monday the names of two astronauts from the United Arab Emirates who will be heading ...

staffSeptember 3, 2018

Human Genome: 20 Percent Fewer Genes?

A new study led by the Spanish National Cancer Research Centre (CNIO) reveals that up to 20% of genes classified ...

staffAugust 30, 2018

3D Printed Prototype for ‘Bionic Eye’

A team of researchers at the University of Minnesota have, for the first time, fully 3D printed an array of ...