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staffJune 18, 2018

Gene therapy restores hand function after spinal cord injury in rats

Researchers at King’s College London have shown that rats with spinal cord injuries can re-learn skilled hand movements after being ...

staffJune 17, 2018

Amber Fossils of Frogs in Wet, Tropical Forests

About 99 million years ago, a tiny juvenile frog in present-day Myanmar was suddenly trapped in sap with a beetle, ...

staffJune 14, 2018

Antarctica ice melt tripled since 2012

Satellites monitoring the state of the White Continent indicate some 200 billion tonnes a year are now being lost to ...

staffJune 12, 2018

Remarkable skill of ancient Peru’s cranial surgeons

Even with a highly skilled neurosurgeon, the most effective anesthesia, and all the other advances of modern medicine, most of ...

staffJune 7, 2018

Step forward in sucking CO2 from air

A Canadian company, backed by Bill Gates, says it has reached an important threshold in developing technology that can remove ...