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staffMay 16, 2017

Picasso’s Seated Woman in Blue Dress sells for $45m

One of Pablo Picasso’s best-known portraits has been sold at auction in New York for $45m. Femme Assise, Robe Bleu ...

staffMay 5, 2017

6 Ways to Get Amazing Service at a Restaurant Every Time You Dine Out

Sure, being polite goes a long way. But there’s more you can do to ensure stellar service each and every ...

staffMay 1, 2017

New photo of Princess Charlotte released in honor of 2nd birthday

Britain’s Kensington Palace has released a new photo of Princess Charlotte, the daughter of Prince William and his wife, Kate ...

staffApril 29, 2017

Patrick Swayze’s Dirty Dancing jacket fetches $62,500

A leather jacket that the late US actor Patrick Swayze wore in Dirty Dancing has sold for $62,500 at an ...

staffApril 24, 2017

Why you should NEVER microwave leftover pizza

Got a few slices left of last night’s pizza have you? Such noble restraint. Time to undo that by finishing ...

staffMarch 23, 2017

The One Menu Item You Should Never Order at McDonald’s

This fast food giant’s mascot may be a clown, but don’t assume we’re joking around when we say you should ...

staffMarch 23, 2017

Prince Charles apparently wept pre-marrying Diana

A new book will reveal a previously undocumented insight into how Prince Charles felt ahead of his famous wedding with ...

staffMarch 10, 2017

Google again tops Fortune’s list of best places to work

Internet giant Google has been named the best place to work for the sixth year in a row by Fortune ...

staffMarch 1, 2017

7 Steps for Creating a Strong Business Partnership

In order to lead a successful business, it’s important to create a strong partnership. A business partner is a person ...

staffFebruary 23, 2017

Synergy of Architecture and Green Life – Theory and Practice

Combining architecture and nature has never been easier than today! Things like vertical gardens and green roofs don’t just improve ...