Two arrested in Gavin Ford murder


Two men have been arrested in connection with the murder of Gavin Ford, a security source told The Daily Star Wednesday. The two Syrian nationals were apprehended in Nabaa and Jnah in the greater Beirut area, sources said.

MTV reported that the two had confessed to killing Ford while trying to rob him. The TV station also said one of the two had previously known Ford.

The Daily Star was unable to confirm the report prior to publication.

Previously in the day, the case had been turned over to the Internal Security Forces’ Information Branch after the local police station in Broummana concluded its investigation, an ISF source said.

The Information Branch is investigating the killing of the British radio host under the supervision of Baabda’s investigative judge, the ISF source told The Daily Star.

The Information Branch discovered Ford’s car on the outskirts of Beirut, near Souk al-Ahad, just before midnight Tuesday, another security source said, though how the car got there remains unclear.

Meanwhile, State Prosecutor Samir Hammoud ordered an investigation into uncovering who was behind the leaking of graphic photos of Ford’s body shortly after he was found murdered in his home, the security source said.

Ford was found dead in his Broummana residence with a piece of cloth around his neck, having been choked to death.

The graphic pictures circulated on social media showing his body bloodied with apparent signs of a direct blow to the head.

Hammoud tasked Military Prosecutor Peter Germanos with the investigation, which will also look into those responsible for leaking initial details about the case.

His death came two days after his 53rd birthday.

He hosted “Gavin Ford in the Morning” on Radio One.

The ISF source said it was unclear whether Ford’s murder had taken place Tuesday or before.

Following confirmation that Ford had died, various politicians and Radio One expressed sadness and shock.

Ford had been with Radio One since 1996, and his show, with co-host Olga Habre, was “Lebanon’s most listened to breakfast show,” according to his Instagram page.

Source: The Daily Star Lebanon