A Museum Dedicated To Disgusting Food Is Opening In Sweden


From one of the world’s smelliest fruits to three-penis wine, a new museum in Sweden promises to showcase 80 of the world’s most disgusting foods.

But far from trying to gross-out visitors, Malmo’s aptly-named Disgusting Food Museum is on a mission to challenge people’s basic assumptions about food and test the theory that “disgust is cultural and contextual.”

“I was thinking about how interesting it would be to dedicate a museum not to the most beautiful or tastiest food, but to the world’s most disgusting food,” museum curator and chief “disgustologist” Samuel West told Lonely Planet. “We hope that the museum can contribute a growing interest and acceptance of more ecologically sustainable protein sources, such as insects.”

Even though Hákarl (well-aged shark from Iceland) might sound gross, why not give it a taste? Or be adventurous and try the famously stinky Durian fruit. The museum opens October 29 and tickets will only set you back $20.