Woman marries herself and uses a handheld mirror to say vows


Linda Doktar has had her fair share of heartbreak and so has decided to marry herself.

The 34-year-old from Australia held an intimate beach ceremony and invited only three of her closest friends.

The romantic setup had all the trimmings of a standard wedding; white wedding gown, colorful bouquet, and vows which she said while holding a mirror to herself.

Linda first got the idea for a self-marriage from her friend EJ who is a relationship coach and has performed them in the past.

‘I thought this was a beautiful concept to symbolize my journey into loving and honoring myself on a deeper level,’ Linda explained.

‘I believe that the most important relationship I will ever have is with myself.

‘I know and understand that the quality of the relationship we have with ourselves determines the quality of experiences we have with others.

Linda said she enjoyed the small ceremony where there was a red satin walkway lined with rose petals and flowers.

The whole thing doesn’t mean she’s closed off to having a relationship though, she explained, and is just a commitment to herself.

She revealed it comes after she led a life of self-loathing which the ceremony symbolized an end to, putting her on the journey to self-love and spirituality.

Who knows, self-marriages might just become a trend.