Melbourne driver bashed by fake cop


A driver bashed after stopping his car for a man pretending to be a police officer in Melbourne’s north says he only realized something was wrong when the gloved man approached.

The 25-year-old suffered cuts and bruises after stopping his ute on Wood Street in Preston about noon on June 9 for a dark-coloured Commodore sedan with imitation police lights flashing on its dashboard.

The impersonator approached the ute and demanded cash before yanking the victim out of his seat and punching and kicking him as two other men joined the attack.

“When I realized he was wearing gloves, black gloves, and how he approached me, he started yelling, that’s when I realized there was something going on,” the victim told reporters on Wednesday.

“You feel scared, you don’t know what to do and it happened to me. It meant to happen. I was in the wrong place.”

Police on Wednesday released a computer-generated image of the main suspect, who is described as Caucasian, in his mid-30s, muscular and with spiky blond hair and a right eyebrow piercing.