Lucifer is saved as Netflix orders a fourth season


When Fox dared to cancel Lucifer after three seasons, fans turned their devastation into a huge campaign to #SaveLucifer – and guess who had the luck of the devil? It only went and worked.

On June 15, lead star Tom Ellis confirmed that Netflix had saved the show by ordering a fourth season. “WE DID IT !!!!!!!!!!! Thank you to everyone for your continued support and love for #Lucifer I am so happy for all our fans I’m going to burst,” he wrote.

But now that the Devil has risen again, what can we expect from season four on Lucifer‘s new home?

We’ve not had any concrete confirmation on who’s back yet, but Tom Ellis and Lauren German have to be back as Lucifer Morningstar and Detective Chloe Decker, especially as the season three finale saw Chloe finally seeing Lucifer’s true devil face after he killed Lt Marcus Pierce (Tom Welling).

Aside from those two, we’ll likely see the returns of Kevin Alejandro as Detective Dan Espinoza, DB Woodside as Amenadiel, Lesley-Ann Brandt as Mazikeen, Aimee Garcia as Ella Lopez and Rachael Harris as Dr Linda Martin, among others.

Co-showrunners Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich told TVLine that production is expected to start on season four in August 2018, with it expected to wrap up in December.

That means we can’t expect season four to land anytime this year and we’re looking at early 2019 at the earliest for season four to hit Netflix, but at least it’ll be the same everywhere so no Lucifer fan will have to wait for the new episodes.

Previously, Lucifer has aired on Amazon Prime Video in the UK, but while nothing has been confirmed yet, we think it’s unlikely that it won’t move to Netflix in the UK as well.

The season-four renewal came with a bit of bad news as it was confirmed that it would only be 10 episodes long, way down on season three’s 24-episode run and shorter than the first (13 episodes) and second (18 episodes) seasons too.

Fortunately those episodes might be slightly longer than we’ve come to expect from Lucifer as well.

“We’ll probably stick roughly to our 43 minutes,” Modrovich outlined. “That’s part of what we’re going to talk to Netflix about. I think we might have a bit of room for flexibility, hopefully, so if there’s a scene we love and we don’t want to cut it, we’re hoping that now we won’t have to. But we’re not suddenly going to have hour-and-a-half episodes!”

What’s more, the episode order doesn’t include the two bonus episodes that aired on Fox after the show had been cancelled that originally were part of season four, although we might see them reinstated in season four when it hits Netflix.

“The first thing we’ve got to figure out is where the one that wasn’t a complete standalone, the Ella-focused episode [‘Boo Normal’], might fit,” Henderson explained.

Since the show had been cancelled, the showrunners were pretty open after the season three finale about what season four would have centred around.

“That was the big thrust of season four – exploring Chloe dealing with those ramifications, and how it affected her relationship with Lucifer. Both professionally and personally. Can you work with the Devil? Can you love the devil?” Henderson teased.

Modrovich added: “We also had an exciting character from Lucifer’s past who was going to come in and mix everything up. A very personal, intimate figure who we won’t reveal the identity of yet… until we find out if we get the chance to tell the tale on a new network.”

So now at least we’ll get to find out who that figure will be, but maybe not straightaway as the showrunners have said their original idea for season four will now be split in half. “We were going to have two parts to it anyway, so we’ll just tell a really strong, gnarly first part,” Modrovich enthused.

Henderson adds that doing so “lets us concentrate the story and focus it, and that’s what’s really exciting about this”, adding: “We have a really strong first half that is now going to make for an amazing story.”

The bonus episodes gave a hint as to how Chloe dealt with the season-three finale bombshell too in a conversation with Ella after she’d been visited by the ghost of an old acquaintance. “I have seen a lot crazier things. Like, a lot,” Chloe replied – and generally seemed pretty chill with it.

As for Dan, Kevin Alejandro told Digital Spy before the show was renewed that season four would see him “really going to be wrestling with his demons”.

“Because, of course, he’ll have a ton of anger in the wake of Charlotte’s death. He’ll find himself wondering if he’s just been playing ‘the good cop’ and that maybe Pierce was right about him all along when he said, ‘You’re the corrupt cop’. Dan would have blamed Lucifer for Charlotte’s death so the antagonism between them would have been heightened. Like I said, a whole new world…” he explained.

And whatever happens in the story of season four, we can also expect more adult content now that the show isn’t on a broadcast network, such as when they couldn’t show Ellis’s “wonderful, wonderful booty” during a scene in season one when Lucifer came out naked.

“We also had to get reflections out of the piano… we had to do all kinds of things that seemed excessive to me,” Modrovich recalled. “Things like that we might be able to get away with, while not feeling like I can’t watch it with my ‘tween daughter.”

Henderson continued: “Our blood can be a little more real, our horror can be a little more horror-y. It will all stay within the language of the show, but we’re definitely going to embrace the little things like that that I think make a big difference.”

Bring it on.

Source: Digital Spy