Topless Femen protester flashes Silvio Berlusconi at polling station


A topless femen protester launched herself in front of former PM Silvio Berlusconi as he voted in the Italian elections today.

The disgraced “Bunga Bunga” leader’s picture perfect smile vanished as the woman jumped on a table yelling “Berlusconi, your time has run out”.

The activist, who had the words “FEMEN” scrawled on her back, was surrounded by a sea of photographers at the Milan polling station where Berlusconi, 81, had just cast his vote.

He scorned and made a speedy exit from the room as reporters jostled into position amid the chaos.

Security personnel eventually dragged the protester away as she continued to shout.

Berlusconi has been targeted by bare-chested FEMEN activists before, with three women accosting him in 2013.

Berlusconi is poised to lead a new coalition government 6 years since he was last Prime Minister.

He has made an astonishing comeback after leaving politics disgraced by infamous Bunga Bunga sex parties and diplomatic blunders including calling Barack Obama “someone with a tan”.

In another gaffe, he made German Chancellor Angela Merkel wait for him to finish a phone call at a NATO summit.

Italians have been waiting in long queues at polling stations today to vote in the election which is expected to bring political gridlock.

Pollsters predict that Berlusconi’s centre-right party and his far-right allies will emerge as the largest bloc in parliament but fall short of a majority.

A populist surge is also forecast with the anti-establishment 5-Star Movement set to be the biggest single party.