Severe storms, tornadoes expected to return to Midwest


After a number of tornadoes swept across the Midwest last week, with storms that resulted in several deaths, the region is expected to see a scaled-down repeat performance this week, forecasters said Monday.

Thunderstorms are expected to bring strong winds and perhaps hail and more twisters starting late Monday. The low-pressure system will continue to impact the region into Tuesday.

Meteorologists say a strong jet-stream began moving across the Plains and Upper Midwest, near Chicago, earlier Monday.

Forecasters, though, do not expect the storm to be anywhere near the scale of last week’s weather, which inflicted heavy damage in multiple Midwest states, produced baseball-sized hail and stirred up about two dozen tornadoes. Several people were killed during the storms.

Experts say the storms will stretch across parts of Minnesota, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Arkansas. Heavy winds are the greatest concern, but flash flooding is also possible.

Tuesday, severe storms are expected to impact the South, including Mississippi, eastern Texas and Louisiana.

Several regions in the West are also enduring severe storms. Heavy snow has fallen in parts of the Pacific Northwest, Northern California and the Rocky Mountains and was forecast to continue throughout Monday.

The National Weather Service said Monday that snow in the West will be followed by additional similar weather mid-week.